Specialist Opthalmology

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Specialist Opthalmology I AF Health I Healthcare

Role Purpose: 

The purpose of this role is to be able to diagnose medical illnesses and provide treatment with focus on the overall health of the patient including and not limited to physical, psychological and social aspects of care.


Roles and Responsibilities: 

  • Provides comprehensive care to patients according to current best-evidence based standards, using best judgement at all times and in accordance with Al Futtaim Health Medical Staff bylaws and rules and regulations.
  • Providing routine care such as vision testing and prescribing glasses and contact lenses.
  • Performing corrective surgeries, such as repairing injuries and corneas, and removing cataracts.
  • Diagnosing and treating eye diseases and injuries.
  • Managing emergency eye clinics, outpatient clinics, or other specialist eye clinics.
  • Treating medical disorders that affect the vision through a holistic approach.
  • Prescribing and administering antibiotics, antiseptics, or compresses to treat infections or injuries.
  • Providing Ophthalmology consultations or referring patients to specialists.
  • Discussing diagnoses with patients, explaining treatment options, and giving advice on medications, lifestyle and dietary changes, and other preventative measures.
  • Carrying out follow-up appointments, monitoring patient progress, adjusting treatment plans and medications, and updating patient records.
  • Conducting research and studies on the Ophthalmology and its diseases, disorders, and conditions to develop new treatment techniques.
  • Participates equitably in the on-call roster.
  • Participates in the oversight and professional developments of any junior medical staff in the departments.
  • Remaining up-to-date on current discoveries, developments, trends, research, and technology.
  • Participate in the educational activities of the medical staff as a whole.
  • Conducts clinical audit in line with medical advisory committee requirements.
  • Participate in review and planning activities relevant to the development of the department and of the healthcare facility.
  • Participate in activities and opportunities to promote the department and Al Futtaim Health to the general public and wider medical community of the UAE.
  • Fulfils professional requirements for continuing maintenance of competency in all aspects of Ophthalmology.
  • Carries out other assigned duties within the appropriate scope of knowledge, skills and abilities of the position.
  • The post holder is responsible for providing comprehensive specialist level patient care in Ophthalmology.
  • Liaises with patients, families, medical staff, nursing staff, other clinical staff and referring doctors.
  • Accountable to ensure patient safety by practicing ethical medical practices as per local regulations.
  • Reach an informed diagnosis based on patients’ medical history, examinations and tests results.
  • Prescribe and interpret lab tests/ diagnostic tests to obtain more information for underlying pathologies.
  • Prescribe medications or drugs and provide comprehensive instructions for administration
  • Make professional, autonomous decisions in relation to presenting problems, whether self-referred or referred from another healthcare professional.
  • Offer expert clinical opinions relating to Ophthalmology and take independent responsibility for the clinical care of patients.
  • Develop & administer healthcare management plans in consultation with patients and in line with current treatment and management protocols.
  • Admit or discharge patients to and from the caseload, ensuring referrals are made to other healthcare professionals and providers as appropriate.
  • Carry out comprehensive and systematic assessments of patients and manage them based on clinical guidelines and evidence based practice.
  • Work alongside and maintain good communication channels with other specialist services to optimize patient care and treatment outcomes.
  • Prescribing in accordance with the practice based system, guidelines and protocols.
  • Undertake all the normal duties and responsibilities associated with a Specialist Ophthalmologist working alongside primary care providers.



Minimum Qualifications and Knowledge:

  • MBBS or MBchB or equivalent qualification from an accredited institution AND Completion of specialty qualification recognized by Dubai Health Authority or Health Authority of Abu Dhabi or Ministry of Health UAE.
  • Appropriate experience and competence in all aspects of Opthalmology.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with patients, families, doctors, nurses, and other clinical staff.
  • Certification in Basic and Advanced Life Support.
  • Fluency in English (speak, read and write).
  • Arabic speaking skills will be an added advantage.
  • Excellent Computer Literacy skills is required.
  • Publications in peer reviewed journals with be well regarded.


Minimum Experience:

  • Minimum 5+ years relevant experience at a specialist level, since gaining higher qualification.


Behavioural Competencies:

  1. Excellent presentation and analytical skills
  2. Strong Medical Ethics
  3. Exceptional written and oral communication skills
  4. Good decision making skills
  5. Strong operational thinking skills
  6. Critical Thinking
  7. Conflict Management
  8. High level of Interpersonal and Organisational skills


  • Specialist Opthalmology

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    Specialist Opthalmology I AF Health I HealthcareRole Purpose:ÿThe purpose of this role is to be able to diagnose medical illnesses and provide treatment withÿfocus on the overall health of the patient including and not limited to physical, psychological and social aspects of care.ÿRoles and Responsibilities:ÿProvides comprehensive care to patients...

  • Specialist Opthalmology I AF Health I Healthcare

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